empower, evolve, emvision

With over 20 years of design and development experience, I can make your next project come alive. Being an artistic geek, I live, eat, and breathe technology and we work together with you to develop a strategy for success. My goal is to help make your message, your unique brand, the best in your field: to define who you are, what you do best, and deliver results.


My name is Edward Mathews (I go by Eddie). I like to figure stuff out: build things, break things, then fix them again. I have always been fascinated with technology and how we interact with them.

By Title…
Currently, I am a Producer at USAA’s Chief Design Office under contract by TargetCW managing digital solutions. Prior to this, I worked as a Designer focusing on designing or developing end-to-end experiences for Honeywell Aerospace; and front end developer for PetSmart. Sometimes, I also freelance as a web designer and developer. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design and also have a Masters of Business Administration with a specialty in eBusiness from the University of Phoenix.

The good things you do in life, good things will follow; If you decide to go down an alternate path, the decision will reflect an undesirable outcome; and whatever happens, it is your decision.

I believe all unexplained things happen for a reason, and how you handle these things help you grow as an individual. Friedrich Nietzsche said it best: “What does not kill me, makes me stronger.” – Twilight of the Idols, 1888